BozoFest III
and KI6FF Memorial

Was a success. Thank you everyone who attended.

144.240 MHz single side band

Net meets every Wednesday night at 7:30pm (Pacific)
(Early check in at 7:20pm)

144.240 MHz single side band

Net meets every Sunday night at 7:30pm (Pacific)
(Early check-in at 7:20pm)

Members cover the states of California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Utah and potentially more.

There are no fees or dues to be a Bozo Net member. We are just here to make friendly contacts and encourage 2m SSB. New members are encouraged to simply check in and receive their Bozo number. The net is a good way to meet your fellow Hams.

Net Controllers:

2 Meter SSB Net - California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah

The net controllers play a valuable role in the net. If you are interested in stepping up to the plate and becoming a net controller, inquire within*

Pat W6PMD DM13
Mike K6MYC DM06
Scott KG6ABF DM14
Dan N6DPG DM13
Richard KJ6PHZ DM14


Also join us on Wednesday nights if you have info to share about Ham events (swap meets, etc.) or you are looking for equipment to buy or sell.

The 2 meter Bozo Net was founded in November 2012 by KI6FF Dave (silent key) and in a few short years we have grown to hundreds of members. The Bozo Net aims to expand the exposure of 2 meter sideband by keeping the band active.

The Bozo Net

Membership Cards
Now available on the Member List page. Just download and print. They make great name tags!

you talkin' to me...

Wednesday Night Swap and Info Net

*  Must be 18 or older to apply. Not available in all states. Some assembly required. Shipping not included. See store for details. Call your doctor if symptoms persist. Not intended to be used as a life saving device. In case of emergency break glass. Specifications are subject to change without notice.